Bioactive extracts of Carum copticum L. enhances efficacy of ciprofloxacin against MDR enteric bacteria

Maheshwari, M and Safar Althubiani, A. and Hasan Abulreesh, H. and Abul Qais, F. and Shavez Khan, M. and Ahmad, I. (2018) Bioactive extracts of Carum copticum L. enhances efficacy of ciprofloxacin against MDR enteric bacteria. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences. ISSN 1319562X

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The widespread occurrence of extended spectrum β-lactamases (ESβLs) producing enteric bacteria and their co-resistance with flouroquinolones has impaired the current antimicrobial therapy. This has prompted the search for new alternatives through synergistic approaches with herbal extracts. In this study Carum copticum (seeds) was extracted first in methanol and then subsequently extracted in different organic solvents. MIC of plant extracts, ciprofloxacin and thymol was determined by broth micro-dilution method using TTC. Synergism between plant extracts and ciprofloxacin was assayed by the checkerboard method. Chemical constituents of active extracts were analyzed by GC-MS. Methanolic, hexane and ether extract of Carum copticum exhibited significant antibacterial activity with MIC values ranged from 0.25 mg/ml to 2.0 mg/ml. Synergy analysis between Carum copticum extracts and ciprofloxacin combinations revealed FIC index in the range of 0.093-0.25. About 81% ciprofloxacin resistant ESβL producing enteric bacteria were re-sensitized in the presence of 15.6-250 μg/ml of methanolic extract of Carum copticum. Moreover, ciprofloxacin showed 8 to 64 folds reduction in MIC in presence of 250 and 500 μg/ml of hexane extract. Whereas, 4-32 folds reduction in MIC of ciprofloxacin was achieved in the presence of 31.25 and 62.5 μg/ml of ether extract, indicating synergistic enhancement of drug activity. The chemical analysis of hexane and ether extracts by GC-MS revealed the common occurrence of one or more phenolic hydroxyl at different locations on benzene ring. This study demonstrated the potential use of herbal extract of Carum copticum in combination therapy against ESβL producing bacteria.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Carum copticum; Ciprofloxacin; ESβL producing enteric bacteria; GC/MS; Plant extracts; Synergy
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